by Black Coral



Black Coral were formed in June 2012 to create like-minded alternative music that promotes creative thinking in lyrics, rhythms, guitars and beats.

Collectively they draw motivation from a range of bands and artists, such as Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Queens of the Stone Age, DIIV, Tame Impala, TV on the Radio, Soft Moon, The Horrors, Eagulls, The Smiths, Black Marble, The Cure, Dinosaur Jnr and Wooden Shjips (plus many others).

Their music is a modern sound that translates across poetic fields of colour and darkness. Black Coral display dark, vivid lyrics through a platform of atmospheric guitar, bass driven harmonies, astound rock beats and textured synth.

Black Coral are:

Ian Messenger \ vocals \ guitar
Heath Newberry \ drums
Matt Hills \ bass \ synth

Taken is the first EP from Black Coral.


released September 19, 2013



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Black Coral Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide four piece alternative rock band. Influences include Sonic Youth, Queens of the Stone Age, Joy Division, Diiv, Soft Moon, Dinasour Jr, Mark of Cain, Wooden Shjips, Black Marble, TV on the Radio, The Smiths, Cure

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Track Name: International
you were in line for an entitlement
said a voice inside my head
I hold you a blinding light
come outside
a crown of roses for you head

I hold you a blinding light
but the wind will blow it out again
she falls and burns her skin
upon the soil and rocky hill
this world was all she had
but it faded like another fad
not left and look not right
or out in front or right behind

we fled deep into the wilderness
laser beams upon our chest
we fly into another sky
made of fire
another place for us to rest
Track Name: Swollen
I saw the night
through your sweaty fears
the rain falls down upon your many cherished tears

and you’re alive
in this blue hotel
the street below is sick with all the things you’ve thrown
and they think so

thought you could see
the end of the hall
where stands a man holding the hour glass of sand

take his hand
his master plan
and I will stay behind and turn this blessed wheel
like a foolzo

I fly away from your desire
I fly away from your disease
I fly towards the burning fire
I fly into the new regime
Track Name: Fall
falling out of space
into another place
this dream's so hot and real
I don't know what I feel

it's got me now
it's got me now
it's got me now
and you

I hear you breathing now
in death your mind was found
the lapping waters here
and her unpleasant cheer
Track Name: Unwind the sun
she hides in a hole in the sky
she just wants to find a way
but dark is the height
and lost is the life
between what you do and pray

they say it's alright
to silence the plight
and hire some man
to see
for you

and what would you do
if nothing was true
and all that you feared
the world
is you

there once was a man who said
like seeking some shade under grass
hoisting your flag
and the battles you've had
this theatre will finish en masse