big nothing

by Black Coral



Big Nothing is a six song ep released by Black Coral in July 2015.


released July 28, 2015

Production Matt Hills of Hillside Recording.



all rights reserved


Black Coral Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide four piece alternative rock band. Influences include Sonic Youth, Queens of the Stone Age, Joy Division, Diiv, Soft Moon, Dinasour Jr, Mark of Cain, Wooden Shjips, Black Marble, TV on the Radio, The Smiths, Cure

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Track Name: galactic
it’s a shame you have no clue,
a world presumed.
streets appear before your eye,
the avenues.
it’s a bright and vivid sight,
a girl you know.
play it right and she just might,
learn how to subdue you.

and now despise your married life,
played a fool.
go to work your mind is rife,
a rendezvous.
with a girl you met last night,
eyes so blue.
play it right and she just might,
learn how to subdue you.
Track Name: big nothing
a fading car light
you drown in thee
a fearless child
a turning plead
lost my permanence
lost my old seat
and now we’re destitute
together in meat.

a rising mountain
a broken kite
a coward’s cupid
a meteorite
lost my permanence
lost my old seat
and now we’re destitute
I’ll hold you wrong.

empty and void
it’s your second choice
empty and void
how long these nights have been.
Track Name: thorn
I fell inside
a well of misery
where nothing can been seen
but the things sublime if the sun can shine

into that tiny space
a state of blinding grace
I’m fine just where I am
I hear the bird
this is so absurd

could you tell me just one more lie
is that your final alibi
these hours grow into the madness of a year
what is said is by the by

you’d stop your prayers
if the world was only you
no god up in the sky
to say the news to a ravenous queue

but I how did it end this way
a revolution getting paid
to close their eyes again
like babes in arms
and enquiries calmed
Track Name: turn away
I found out from my brother
those books upon floor
sun shines down the hall
I hear you
I hear you

and what have you been thinking
which makes you look away
nothing for today
I hear you
I hear you

the vines were there for picking
how sour was your name
ill communiqué
I hear you
I hear you

and does it really matter
don’t hang your head in shame
no one is to blame
I hear you
I hear you

so all the people worry
‘cause no one’s seen your face
just your empty place
I hear you
I hear you

she feels a little sorry
to leave in such a haste
into his cold embrace
I hear you
I hear you
Track Name: chemical reasoning
you wade into the night,

blood flowers grow knee-high,

and you’re wishing that you climbed into that room where no one sees just how your feeling;

but now your tears are pure,

reach for that final cure,

which is love like a whore who can sing till it’s dawn and mistaken ways will wash out your core.

and now you lay awake,

your mind in disarray,

and the shining of the moon across the floor is the frost creeping into your squalor.

now let’s kneel down and pray,

like actors in a play,

and it’s fun to pretend that we’re rescued again until the
chains of life have you penned.
Track Name: floodgates
below the cheer
a naked eye
bleeding men scattered far and wide,

a time has come
the ring of fire
we dance in silence and point and vilify.

the acid lake
the waves of sin
people clutching their falling skin,

a wall so high
you cannot climb
scrambling like a bird with broken wings.

the lamps are dim
the curtains drawn
never to see another morn,

your tears of joy
in the plague of war
I never guessed that you’d rise above us all.